Cement & Plastering Materials

At Treacy's Homevalue Kilkenny we have an extensive range of cement and plastering products

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Evo-Stick Floor Levelling Compound 20kg

The Evo-Stick Floor Levelling Compound 20kg is ideal for finishing rough or uneven concrete floors.&..

€12.75 Ex Tax: €10.37

Gyproc Bonding Coat - 25kg

Gyproc Bonding Coat has been specifically designed for use on surfaces that are either smooth or low..

€20.39 Ex Tax: €16.57

Gyproc FireLine 8'x4'x12.5mm

Gyproc Fireline was introduced to the market as drywall or plaster board that gives added protection..

Gyproc Joint Filler - 12.5kg

Gyproc Joint Filler is a gypsum based product used for setting material and secondary filling of pla..

€22.77 Ex Tax: €18.51

Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

Gyproc moisture resistant plasterboard is made from gypsum and has an added water repellent additive..

Gyproc Skimcoat - 25kg

Gyproc skimcoat is a versatile finish coat plaster specifically designed to leave a sleek, high-qual..

€13.76 Ex Tax: €11.19

Gyproc Standard Plasterboard 9.5mm/12.5mm

Gyproc Standard Plasterboard 9.5mm/12.5mm or sometimes referred to as Gyproc drywall or plasterboard..

Irish Cement 25kg

High-grade general purpose cement suitable for concreting, brick-laying and plastering. This ce..

€5.51 Ex Tax: €4.48

Tala 11in x 4.75in Plastering Trowel

This plastering trowel by Tala Tools is high quality stainless steel bladeThe trowel is lightweight ..

€15.99 Ex Tax: €13.00

Tala Internal Drywall Inside Corner Trowel

Looking for professional plastering tools? the Tala internal drywall inside corner trowel is idealTh..

€13.85 Ex Tax: €11.26